Calling all Muggles and Magicals

The last couple of weeks have been very hard for may of us and exhausting for our Black siblings. Between the COVID-19 pandemic and the senseless killings of more Black people, the ensuing protests and fires, the world feels like it is imploding. It can be overwhelming, especially for children. If anything, we are learning the importance of having strong, smart, and empathetic people in positions to make policy at every level of government.

Out of respect for the needed healing of our communities and centering of members of the Black community, I have postponed my official launch activities for Vallecitos Water Board Div. 5.

However, I am pulling together a fun pre-launch event to help provide a moment of respite from the intensity of the news cycle, give our kids a reprieve from the quarantine boredom blues or overwhelm, and help kick start the cash-flow of my campaign. I hope you'll join me!

I am a huge Harry Potter fan. The story is one of inclusivity, acceptance and fighting the forces that would oppress others. There are dark forces at work that undermine kindness and the recognition of others' humanity. The parallels to today's world are striking. BUT! I have hope. I know there are so many kind people out there aiming to make the world a better place for all people. Many of them are young, fiery, determined and righteous in their anger. Just like Harry, Ron, Hermione and the rest of Dumbledore's Army. That's one of the things I love about Harry Potter.

Many places, movie theaters and attractions are still closed due to the pandemic. But we can still have some fun with some of our favorite people -- our families and through technology, friends in the neighborhood!

We're planning 3 or 4 rounds of Harry Potter Trivia with questions from both the books and movies. Come in costume or wearing your House colors and don't forget your Wizarding trivia thinking cap! We have all Hogwarts houses represented in our home -- 1 Gryffindor, 1 Ravenclaw, 2 Slytherin and 2 Hufflepuff.

Which houses will you represent? Need help getting sorted? You can go here:

We have unique wands for party favors that will choose you in a contact-free delivery process where I deliver it to you, or you retrieve it from SEH. It will be fun for the whole family!


P.S.: This event is BYOBB -- Bring Your Own Butter Beer and be prepared to share the recipe!!

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