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I am running for Vallecitos Water District Member, Board of Directors Division No. 5 because we need someone looking out for OUR interests as rate-paying customers, not the special interests that are costing us. 

We need new leadership with:

  • CLEAR motivation to fight for the rate-paying customers and not special interests

  • CLEAR goals for the district that enhance transparency and stabilize water rates

  • CLEAR and innovative ideas that will protect our community from COVID-19 or the next pandemic

  • CLEAR ability to think critically and creatively about the existing climate crisis and how we can secure our water for future generations

Press Alert

Sierra Club Endorsement Seal_Color-1.png

The Sierra Club Endorses Tiffany Boyd-Hodgson for 
Vallecitos Water Board Division 5 Position

“The Sierra Club does not often endorse candidates in local water district races. But in the course of interviewing for this seat, we learned more about how local water districts can make decisions that impact people’s daily lives and the environment. We are proud to have endorsed Dr. Boyd-Hodgson for this important race.”  Laura Hunter, Chair Political Committee NCG, Sierra Club. 

See the full list of Tiffany's Endorsements Here


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Join us every week for "Water Wednesdays" at 8PM Pacific.

If you are wondering whom to vote for on the Vallecitos Water District Board Member, Board of Directors Division No. 5, tune in and have a chance to chat live with Tiffany on a variety of topics about water, water issues, protecting water and the Vallecitos Water Board.

Sit back, click here to participate, and meet your 2020 Division 5 Water District Board Candidate,
Tiffany Boyd-Hodgson.

Division 5 Water Board San Marcos Candidate - Democrat - SD Democratic Club Endorsed